Mr. Fiddler

Hello My Name Is...

James Fiddler

Mr. and Mrs. Fiddler

Decades ago, in a swath of Oklahoma mixed timber and grassland that was carved into rolling valleys over millennia, a man forged of heady Viking stock was unleashed onto an unsuspecting world. He was painstakingly shaped and educated and marched valiantly into the halls of academia with the ferocity of his ancestors marching into Valhalla. That man was James Fiddler. His destiny clear, he began his mission to promote positive social change, better the lives of children, and to be absolutely awesome. He conquered many noble challenges and collected the fruits of his labor: An Associates from NEO A&M College, a B.S.E. from MSSU, and an M.Ed. from American InterContinental University. He is currently engaged in an honorable battle with Walden University for the reward of an Ed.D.
His service to mankind and pursuit of awesome presently sees him in the role of Special Education teacher and a Reading/Writing Workshop teacher at Will Rogers Middle School. Here, he facilitates the knowledge-building of his pupils utilizing tools housed in a brain so large, hair can no longer grow on top of the back of his head. 
You may contact Mr. Fiddler at any time by phone: 918-542-5588, email:, or Remind101. Planning period is 1st hour.